Inspirational Quote: You cannot choose consequences – Apostle Selman

Inspirational Quote: You cannot choose consequences – Apostle Selman

You do not have the power to choose consequences; no man has the power to choose consequences. A consequence is an outcome of a decision; the resultant effect of a decision. You cannot choose consequences either good or bad. What you can choose or do is that you can make choices and decisions. It is the decisions you make that will choose your consequences. For instance, when you say “I want to be rich” you are right but technically speaking you are not exactly right. You don’t just say you want to be rich alone, you make the decisions that make for such a destiny and you naturally evolve into that state in life.  “I want to be a visionary and responsible leader”, as good as that is, if it just stops by you speaking and staying there, you may never amount to that which you desire, it will take decisions as the vehicles that move you. So men do not choose consequences; you make decisions and the decisions decide the consequences that come to you.

Apostle Joshua Selman – Rccg Youth Convention 2021

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