The Light Daily Devotional – To Whom Much is Given

The Light Daily Devotional – To Whom Much is Given

Focus: To Whom Much is Given

Focus: To Whom Much is Given 


Everything that has been given to you is a seed into your life, expected to germinate to produce fruits for the benefit of other lives. The more your opportunities the greater your responsibilities!

Scriptural Reference

“For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required; and of him to whom men entrust much, they will require {and} demand all the more.” Luke 12:48B.

The scope of your work and the perspective of your journey in destiny will go a long way to determine the opportunities that will come your way. When opportunity comes your way in any aspect of your life, have at the back of your heart that the expectation of God increases accordingly.

Therefore, in the time of your incapacitation in various aspects of life make the best use of the privileges that come your way and make them grow to be a privilege to other men.

You are a steward on the account of God’s blessing, miracle, intervention, divine encounter and other wonderful possessions of life. When the Lord manifests Himself greatly on your behalf, it is not a time to merry but to get to work and live up to His expectation for you.

+ Is the Lord pleased with your services as a steward?

Prayer: Lord! Help me to live up to your expectations. Let not your investments in my life be in vain in Jesus name. Amen!

Emphasis: The Lord expects you to also reach out to men based on the measure of grace made available for you!

Have a Glorious Friday!

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