Prayer: Bless the name of the Lord, give Him glory.


Prayer: Father, if you are blessing two people here tonight, let me be one of them. 


Prayer: Father, within a short time, save the whole world.


Worship Song: Forever oh Lord, thy Word is settled, in heaven it is settled


Glory comes in waves, when wave may die and then another begins. Many times in between two waves there could be something different from glory. it is possible for someone to know glory before and for one reason or another he now knows shame; and then God moves him to another glory. Between two hills there could be a valley.

If your glory of the past has been followed by shame, that shame is over tonight

Usually a wave of glory is associated with individuals. We may have multitudes like we have tonight and it can be only one person that God is interested in. Joseph brought his family to Egypt; as long as he was alive Israel was in a glorious situation. Then Joseph died and a new king came that didn’t know Joseph and the glory of Israel became shame. But one day, Moses and there was a new wave of glory.


I prophesy to someone here, your Moses is coming


…and then Moses died and Joshua took over and what Moses was not able to do, Joshua did it; took the children of Israel into the promise land.



I prophesy into someone’s life, that goal you have not been able to achieve, you will achieve now.


Then after some years David came and he went from one victory to another. After David, Solomon came. Solomon didn’t fight a single war. Victories are good things, peace is better. During the time of Solomon he never fought a war.


I prophesy, no more wars


When we say a new wave of glory, it could mean you are on a hill and you went into a valley and you now returned to the hill


I decree into someone’s life everything the devil has destroyed, you will get it back.


Let’s look at the case of the man the bible said he had a withered hand Luke 6:6-10. A withered hand means the hand was strong before but it withered; the glory became shame. Then the Almighty God came in and the hand that had withered was restored back.


Tonight, the Almighty God will step into your house


You can consider the case of the man in Mark 8 vs 22-25. A blind man was brought to Jesus, He led him out of the city and He spat on his eyes. How did he know that men are like trees, it means he was seeing before then he got blind. 


In the name that is above every other name, you will get brand new eyes


Sight is also associated with vision. When we talk of vision, we talk about ambition; what you hope to become. Some of us have seen ourselves doing great things and after a while it seems it’s not going to happen. 


I prophesy, every good thing you have dreamed about shall come to pass


When we dream of a new wave of glory, we can talk about someone who used to be rich and became poor and then recovered just like Job. in Job 42 vs 10-12. God turned the captivity of Job and things became glorious again.


All of you who used to be rich and now  you are struggling, in the mighty name of Jesus, you shall be wealthy again.


Daddy says there is someone here that your progress was steady and fast before and all of a sudden it stopped, the Lord asked me to tell you that your progress shall be faster than before.


Daddy says I should tell someone, the one who sent your marriage on fire, shall be set on fire soon.


We can look at the new wave of glory from the mental aspect – Daniel 4 talks about a king who didn’t listen to advice but God one day restored his understanding.


This is for students: After tonight, you will never fail another exam.


It is possible to go from one glory to another without even a break or breaks that will lead to something great like Joseph. 


I prophesy to someone, those who say you won’t reach your goal, they will come to bow down to you.


The Lord asked me to address two specific cases tonight. He wants me to talk to those who feel that destiny hasn’t been kind to them – Genesis 48 vs 8-20. Joseph brought is two sons to his father and he placed Manasseh at the right hand of the father and Ephraim at the left hand of the father but the Father crossed his hands, placed the right hand on the head of the younger and the left hand on the older. What is the offense of Manasseh? A lot of you might have been wondering why this person is experiencing success more than me? The Lord asked me to tell you that it is the end that matters – Revelation 7 vs 4-8. The bible talked about the 144,000 that were sealed; when you read the passage the first thing you will discover is that Ephraim was no longer there.  Secondly, Manasseh was there and was even mentioned ahead of Joseph. That is, in the end, God favored Manasseh.


Those of you who think “how has God dealt with me like this” your end will be greater than your beginning. 


The Lord asked me to tell someone you will never be referred to as an ex-champion


The Lord asked me to tell someone, ‘I will inspire you” 


Job 32 vs 8 – But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.


The second special case God asked me to talk about, is someone who lost prominence because of his/her own weakness. The Lord wants me to talk about Esau. Things came down hard on Esau. The day he ought to be blessed, his mother came against him; his father was careless. The blessing his father pronounced on him was almost a curse: “ You will serve your brother” . But somewhere along the line, God showed him mercy and turned the tide for him – Genesis 32: 6-7. 


The Lord asked me to tell someone, you messed up, that is why you are where you are, but because of this convention, He has forgiven you: you will say, “I have more than enough”.


A new wave of glory in the spiritual. An example is Peter; he is a spokesman. He will talk first and think later. God restored him and he began to go from glory to glory. He preached a sermon and thousands were saved. He started healing by touching; he went on and his shadow was healing people. 


God asked me to tell someone, your marriage became troubled when the doctor said you have zero sperm count. God said, I created the world out of nothing; He asked me to tell you, your children are on the way.


God asked me to tell someone, stop doubting me, I still do the impossible.


God asked me to tell someone, against all odds, irrespective of all enemies against you, you will excel.


God asked me to tell someone, tonight is the eve of the eve of your greatness


How do you become a partaker of the new wave of glory? Just one thing, refuse to annoy God. Because He is the one that can move you from one spot to another. Promotion comes from Him. Breakthrough belongs to Him. If you want to be a partaker of the new wave of Glory, make up your mind “I will never offend God ” If God is against you, who can be for you? Take a decision today that you will never offend God. When no one is watching, know that God is watching.


Prayer Points

  • Praise God that you are able to participate in this year’s convention
  • Father, please restore my withered hand. In any area of life that my hand has been withered, Lord restore my withered hand.
  • Father, please restore my sight; restore my vision
  • Father, please, let all my dreams be fulfilled
  • Father, please inspire me tonight. 
  • Father, let me have a share in the new wave of glory. 
  • Your private prayer points


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