The Light Daily Devotional – A Test of Loyalty

The Light Daily Devotional – A Test of Loyalty

Focus: A Test of Loyalty


Whatever we see Jesus do is a prototype of what is expected of us to do. We must learn to always put every relationship to test in a bid to validate the loyalty of the people involved!

Scriptural Reference

“Then Jesus said to the twelve, “Do you also want to go away?” John 6:67 NKJV

Every man created by God is created for relationship. In every relationship, you must not be ignorant of the fact that a man will always be a man. Life has proven that our friends know us in prosperity while we know our friends in adversity. Don’t be eaten up by the number of people associating with you, you must be sure of their loyalty.

Some men will not speak the truth to their friends, church members and colleagues because they want to keep them and be in their good book. People who are not loyal will not be available to help at the most important time they will be needed. It is very dangerous to depend on people that are not loyal.

A man at any level of life will be deceiving himself if those relating to him are not loyal to him. The Lord is not ignorant of this; He asked His disciples if they will also go after several people who left Him when He revealed the will of God which is very hard for the flesh to take. Do not hesitate to release men who are not loyal to the course and purpose of God as well as what you are doing!

+ Are you also loyal to God? Can God depend on you?

Prayer: Lord! Help me to be loyal to you and rid me of men who are not loyal to Your purpose in my life in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Emphasis: A test of loyalty through the help of God is required in every relationship!

Have a Lovely Friday!

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