The Light Daily Devotional – A Reason to Live

The Light Daily Devotional – A Reason to Live

Focus:  A Reason to Live


Irrespective of the turn the event of your life takes, you must resolve to fulfill God’s purpose. Make a life out of everything that happens to you and don’t allow anything to cut you short or put an end to your existence!

Scriptural Reference

“In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind. Job 12:10 NIV

The plan of the evil one is to ensure that an end comes to your existence. The essence of all the ordeal you are having is to validate if you will still have the required joy and confidence as you proceed in destiny. You are required to find grace and strength to make a life out of every situation that happens to you. It was rewritten about Job that he did not sin despite his ordeal and he came out of the situation a strong man. 

The fact that the situation you find yourself have not taken your life established the fact that God has not given up on you and there is yet a Glory to be revealed through your life. No matter what happens do not lose your confidence; continue to serve God with joy and hope for the best. As a living soul that has resolved to fulfill God’s purpose, everything is working and working for your good!

+ Are you fulfilling God’s purpose? 

Prayer: Lord! No matter what, I will live, I will not be cut short and I will fulfill my purpose in Jesus’ name. Amen! 

Emphasis: As long as you are alive you are expected to live and fulfill God’s purpose!

Have a Purposeful Week Ahead!

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