The Light Daily Devotional – Be Simple

The Light Daily Devotional – Be Simple

Focus: Be Simple


Every true child of God is simple. One of the attributes of the sons of God is the simplicity of mind and humility!

Scriptural Reference

“But Jesus called them to Him and said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.” Luke 18:16 NKJV

The Lord Jesus relates with different categories of people; the rich, poor, male, female, children, young people, adults, sinners, unbelievers, believers, religious leaders and followers, the Jew and the non-Jews. Most times they come to Him and sometimes He goes to them.

If the spirit of Christ is truly in a man, he cannot but be simple. He will be loving, caring and approachable. His life will be an extended hand of the creator meeting the needs of men.

The Lord wants us to possess a child-like heart towards Him and in our relationship with men. Despite the fact that a man cannot but live by certain principles peculiar to his life, the fact remains he was created to affect lives and so he must be simple. 

The Lord is looking forward to homes that will provide shelter for the homeless, food for the hungry, a future for the hopeless and refuge for those in danger. Make yourself available to be used by God to affect lives. Christ can help us and meet our needs because He came down to our level to identify our needs by experience.

+ Do men come to you for help? Do they find adequate freedom with you? 

Prayer: Lord! I want to be more loving, caring and approachable in Jesus. Amen!

To be a real saviour you must be simple!

Have an Outstanding Tuesday!

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