How to Grow in Life and Ministry – Brother Gbile Akanni

How to Grow in Life and Ministry – Brother Gbile Akanni

How to Grow in Life and Ministry – Brother Gbile Akanni

In this message, renowned preacher Gbile Akanni, shared the basic principles that are required to experience significant growth in life and in ministry (work of God).

Here are some of the key notes from the sermon. Listen to the full sermon here.

It is not the ministry that grows first, it is the minister. Many times you will want your ministry to grow but that is not how God views growth. It is the minister, it is the man that grows from one degree to another. The growth of the ministry is a resultant effect of the growth of the man of God. 

Unless you emphasize your own personal growth, any other growth you are talking about will be vague and baseless and I must pray that you don’t grow a work bigger than your own growth, you will become an hypocrite, you will find yourself saying what your life cannot quantify, you will find yourself doing…you will find yourself typing to climb to where your leg cannot carry you, and when a man of God has come into that kind of situation where what he is trying to do is beyond who he is in Christ Jesus, it becomes a ministry of hypocrisy.

Spiritual Growth is not a one day affair; whereas to be born again is a one time experience, nobody is born, small, small. But if a man is born again with a clear experience of genuine conversation, growth is a process. Of course, what is not born cannot grow. Even if you are very zealous and very hardworking, if you are not born again, the truth is that  you don’t have the specie of life that can grow to become spiritual. 

Unless a man is born again he doesn’t have the capacity for spiritual things. Sometimes you are wondering why people are in church and the are not growing, the truth is that the life they carry does not have the capacity to grow.  

You can’t think of growing a church or great ministry when the man has not experienced the new life…

Listen to the full sermon here…

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