10 Prayer Points from the Book of Ruth

10 Prayer Points from the Book of Ruth

10 Prayer Points from the Book of Ruth

The book of Ruth is the Eight book of the Holy Bible placed between Judges and 1 Samuel. The story of the book is centered around a Moabites, Ruth; whom after the death of her husband chose to follow her mother-in-law, Naomi to Bethlehem. Naomi had lost two sons and her husband while in the country of Moab; City they migrated to when there was famine in Bethlehem. While in Bethlehem Ruth found grace in the house Boaz and got married to him. Ruth gave birth to a son, Obed. Obed is the father of Jesse, Jesse is the father of David, Jesus is from the house of David.



#1. Father, untimely death will not take away my husband/wife in Jesus name.  Ruth 1:3

#2. Father, I will not witness the death of the children you have given me in Jesus name. Ruth 1:5

#3. Father, let thy presence always abide with me wherever I go. Ruth 1:16

#4. Oh Lord, when it’s time for me to manifest greatness in life, I will not manifest failure instead in Jesus name. Ruth 1:20

#5. Oh Lord, for thy mercy sake; do not let me experience bitterness in life.

#6. Father, let me find your grace whenever I come to you; do not let me return from your presence empty handed. Ruth 2:2-10, Ruth 3:17

#7. Father, let me get the reward of my good deeds in Jesus name. Ruth 2:11

#8. Father, help me to get the right counsel from you and from men at all times in Jesus name. Ruth

#9. Father, do all that is necessary for me to have dominion in life in Jesus name.

#10. Father, replace my sorrows and fears with your joy and peace in Jesus name. Ruth 4:17.

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