Prayers from The Book of Exodus

Prayers from The Book of Exodus

The Book of Exodus is mainly the account of the Children of Israelites’ deliverance from the slavery in Egypt and their sojourn through the wilderness towards the promised land, Canaan. The Book of Exodus also highlighted the establishment of God’s covenant with His people. 

Across the Book of Exodus notable prayer points every believer ought to pray about: prayers about spirituality, relationship with God, deliverance from oppression, healing, leadership, obedience, mercy, repentance, amongst others.

And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14

Prayers from The Book of Exodus

1. Lord help me to fear you. Father please give me a family of my own and keep my family. – Exodus 1:21 

2. Father by your mercy, please look down on us and remember us for your goodness. Please intervene and rescue us from every oppression. – Exodus 2:25, 3:7-8.

3. Father, cause the Egyptians to look favourably on us. May we not leave empty handed. Let there be a restoration of all the years we have lost. – Exodus 3:21, 12:36

4. Father please encourage every one that is too discouraged to believe. – Exodus 4:31, 

5. May I not be too discouraged by the situations of life. – Exodus 6:9

6. Father, let your finger manifest in my life. With my testimonies, people will testify that Yes, this is the finger of God at work in my life. – Exodus 8:19

7. Father, please preserve me greatly from destruction, famine, and siege. I dwell in Goshen (Exodus 8:22.) I plead the blood of Jesus over my family, over my possession. – Exodus 12:23

8) I promptly obey your instructions Lord without delay or doubt in Jesus name – Exodus 9:19, 21, 23:22

9. Grace to obey you Lord, may my disobedience not bring damnation upon me,or even to the world at large Exodus 15:26

10. Father, manifest your glory in me. Use me for your glory. – Exodus 14:18

11. Father, my children, my generation will come to know the wonders you did during my time. I will live to tell my children of your wonders. – Exodus 10:2, 13:14

12. Declare ” With a strong hand, the LORD rescued me from Egypt” – Exodus 13:9

The Egyptians I see now, I see them no more. Father please fight for me. – Ex 14:13

Father by your mercy please turn every bitterness in my life to sweetness. Let me experience your turnaround. – Exodus 15:23

11. Father, cause me to sing a new Song. Put songs of victories on my lips. – Exodus 15

12. Father, I receive your divine provision in Jesus name. – Exodus 16. 

13. His word says the godly shall offer good counsel. (Ps 30:37)Father I offer and I receive good counsel. I will act on it and I will see great result. – Exodus 18

14. Father, consecrate me Lord. Help me live in holiness. – Exodus 19 -22

15. Father, please send your angels ahead of me to the Land you have prepared for me.

Protect us on our journey and lead us safely. – Exodus 23:20

16. Help me to serve only you Lord, May my life please you. Bless me in every aspect of life. Protect me from illness. Make me fruitful to live a long and fulfilled life.- Exodus 23:25

17. Father please go ahead of us this year, create panic in the camp of our enemies. Let them turn and run to you for salvation. – Exodus 23:27

18. Father, I receive grace to keep the fire burning. Help me be a fervent intercessor Exodus 27:21

19. Father, fill me, my children, with the spirit of wisdom, give me great wisdom and ability. Make me excellent to carry out your assignment. Exodus 31:3

20. Father look favourably on me, let me know your ways, help me to understand you more fully and continue to enjoy your favour. 

21. Please personally go with me Lord and give me rest. Don’t let me make that decision if you are not with me. I declare “everything is well with me’ for you are with me. Exodus 33:13-14

21.  Aaron assisted Moses, Oholiab assisted Bezalel. Father, Grant me assistance in life. 

22. Father, get rid of anything in me that will not please you. Let me not go astray – Exodus 32

23.  Help me to be an intercessor. Give me your burden lord. Give me a heart for people 

Exodus 32:30

24. Father, I declare I have more than enough. I will never be lacking. I receive everything I need in Jesus’ name. – Exodus 36:5

25. Father, use me for your work. Help me to be eager and willing for your use.

26. Father help me to obey you to every single detail – Exodus 38-40

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