The Power of Dedication to God – Bishop David Abioye

The Power of Dedication to God – Bishop David Abioye

Understanding the wonders of Dedication: The Power of Dedication to God – what does it mean to be devoted to God?

In this sermon, the servant of God, Bishop David Abioye, preached on the topic “Understanding the wonders of Dedication”. He shared what it means to be dedicated/devoted to God and the benefits that comes from being dedicated to God.

Here are some of the key points from the sermon: (Listen to the full message in the link below.)

Understanding-the-wonders-of-dedication-3-Bishop-David-Abioye The Power of Dedication to God - Bishop David Abioye
  • The helper of destiny is dedication. 
  • Inside every believer is a potential to be great, Jesus came potentially as great but the greatness did not emerge until he contacted death. 
  • When you sow a seed you literally sentenced it to death in the soil, and that’s what our destiny is about,  we can never maximize destiny without dedication…drop any seed, no matter how ugly it looks it can become great. That is why no matter how low you are as a child of God; pushed to the corner, thrown in the gutter, beaten and battered, you can change the course of your life by dedication. 
Understanding-the-wonders-of-dedication-Bishop-David-Abioye The Power of Dedication to God - Bishop David Abioye
  • Dedication is the key to maximizing returns on our stewardship. Dedication is the spiritual soil for fruitfulness of destiny; just as soil is a necessity to a seed so is your dedication a necessity to your destiny. 
  • Dedication is serving God without reservation; not holding back anything – Matthew 22:37-38
  • If you want to become great, sow your life as a seed dedicated unto the Lord.
  • Dedication means to be dead to self and alive for God in the pursuit of kingdom task – Phil 1:21 1Corinthians 9:16 

Listen to the full sermon here

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