The Light Daily Devotional – Ways of doing things

The Light Daily Devotional – Ways of doing things

Focus: Ways of doing things

The word for today 

There are three ways of doing things; the right way, the wrong way, and God’s way. God does things as it pleases Him and He is unquestionable!

Scriptural Reference

“Our God is in heaven; he does whatever pleases him.” Psalm 115:3 NIV

It is not enough that something is right, if there is anything you must do, it is just the will of God and must be done in God’s way. As a child of God, you must know and live with the orientation that you are created to fulfill God’s purpose. The fact that we are created by God gives Him the liberty to do with our lives whatever it pleases Him.

What God needs from you at every point in time is your cooperation. He needs you to obey and tremble at His word. Uzziah felt it was right to prevent the ark of God from falling but what he felt was contrary to God’s principles; this led to his death. God declared “Jacob I love, Esau I hate” right from when they were still in the womb. Even in this, we can’t question Him. There is a way with God which is the way of wisdom and mystery.

No matter what you feel in every situation of life, what matters most is what God feels. You must always acknowledge Him in all your ways and rely not on your understanding. You are not a child of God because of your name, church, dress, language, or activities but because you choose the way of the Lord and you walk in it.

Do you desire God’s way in all you do?

Prayer: Lord! Teach me your way and help me to work and walk in it in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Emphasis: God’s way of doing things is the only way you must do things as a child of God!

Have an Incredible Thursday!

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