The Light Daily Devotional – The Heart of a Fool

The Light Daily Devotional – The Heart of a Fool

Focus: The Heart of a Fool



No man is created to be a fool but a man becomes a fool whenever he fails to acknowledge God in his endeavor. Acknowledging God in every facet of life is the beginning of wisdom!


Scriptural Reference

“The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” Psalm 14:1a NKJV


A very great height of foolishness is identified each time a man neglects the counsel of God in every affair of life. It is only a fool that knows the will of God and chooses to do otherwise or knows the consequence of an action and still goes ahead to do it. What you say in your heart matters a lot and determines who you are. 


“Who will/can challenge me?”, “There is none like me!”, “I am invincible”, ” I am better than them”, “There is nothing they can do without me”, “I can do and undo”, “Nobody can stop me” are the languages of a fool. Nebuchadnezzar said to the 3 Hebrews: “Who is the god who will deliver you from my hands?” But God revealed himself and proved to him that he was indeed a fool; his folly was treated in the wilderness for Seven Years (Dan 4:28-37).


Goliath became a fool the day he defied the armies of the Lord (1Sam 17:35). King Herod was so foolish that he took the glory which belonged to God (Acts 12:21-24). When a man begins to accept any feelings or deliberate in his heart that he is something without due reverence to God and His will he becomes a fool.


+ What are you saying in your heart?


Prayer: Lord! I refuse to be a fool; I lay my crown and worship you in Jesus name. Amen


Emphasis: A man who does not know how to lay his crown to acknowledge and do the will of God is foolish!


Have a Graceful Thursday!


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