The Light Daily Devotional – The Common Factor for All Men

The Light Daily Devotional – The Common Factor for All Men

Focus: The Common Factor for All Men

The word for today 

God is the ultimate and common factor for all creations. Irrespective of who you are and the resources at your disposal the fact remains that God will continue to be God and you will continue to be a man with several limitations!

Scriptural Reference

“The rich and the poor have this in common, The LORD is the maker of them all.” Proverb 22:2 NKJV

God is the only common factor to all men. There is no level of achievement or height you will attain in life that you will not need God. Every man created by God is needy, what differs among men is our needs. I have come to see in practical terms that to whom much is given much is expected. This concept placed all men irrespective of the resource at their disposal on equal levels in life and before God.

A man who has $200, 000 will be faced with a need of $1,000,000 so also the man who has $200 will be faced with a need of $1,000. The headache of the man who has more will be more than the one who has little. However, both have ended up having similar ratios.

No man has everything and no man has enough except those who find contentment in God. Hence, the beauty of life is to find God in everything. Until you find God your existence will be meaningless!

Have you seen a self-sufficient man? Have you found God?

Prayer: Lord! I worship you for who you are and what you have done in my life; continue to stand by my side to bring your words to pass, in Jesus. Amen!

Emphasis: Whatever you feel, God is fair to all and we must acknowledge Him as God in all situations!

Have a Superb Wednesday!

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