The Light Daily Devotional –  God the Master Planner

The Light Daily Devotional –  God the Master Planner

Focus: God the Master Planner


While we are making our plans, other plans were made for us by the God who created everything. Real happiness, joy and fulfillment happen each time we accept the plans of God for our lives!

Scriptural Reference

“You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.” Proverb 19:21 NLT

Life is what happens while we are planning and thinking about other things. God allows some situations in the lives of men to make things beautiful in their time. When the Israelites requested a King; God quickly arranged how Saul would come in contact with Samuel in a bid to anoint him as King. In the arrangement, Saul in his heart set out to look for the lost Ass of his Father but God was bringing Him to Samuel.

The same scenario happened to Joseph. In his heart, he was going to check on his brothers but in God’s heart, he was going to Egypt to fulfill his dreams. Everything that is happening to you is for a purpose and your good. Do not reject the plans of God for your life because your fulfillment in destiny depends on it. In every decision you make in life; you must seek to know the plans of God for you and align your life accordingly. The life of a man is better when his plans align with God’s plan for his life.

+ Do your plans align with God’s plan? 

Prayer: Lord! Let every situation of my life work out your plans and purpose for me in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Main Emphasis: God is the master planner of our destiny!

Have a Graceful Tuesday!

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