The Light Daily Devotional – Go and Do Likewise

The Light Daily Devotional –  Go and Do Likewise

Focus: Go and Do Likewise



Every experience you have with men, be it good or bad, is a lesson meant to teach you how it feels when you do the same to others. When God brings men to your aid, He did that to prepare you to do likewise to others!


Scriptural Reference

“Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.” (Luke 10:37b NKJV)


The Lord has been so gracious to us right from the day of our birth and brought us this far in the journey of destiny. Have you ever at any point thought about what would have happened to you if no one cared about you after your birth and just leave you as a day old child to fend for yourself? The fact that you are reading this, signifies that God has sent several men to help you in this life.


There is no doubt in the fact that you have faced both the positive and negative side of life, and you have had both bad and good experiences with men. The bad experience you have is meant to teach you what it feels like to have a bad experience, help people who are having it and ensure that your actions don’t make people have it.


When God brings people to help you, pay your bills (rent, school fees, hospital bills, debt), connect you to get a job and greatness, help you in business and career, build you up academically and spiritually; it is also to make you know how it feels to enjoy such grace. God does most of these to prepare us to do likewise. As you enjoy His grace in different dimensions of life, you must always remember the words of the Lord which say: go and do likewise. Be mindful of the fact that the best part of your existence is that part you lived blessing other people.


+ What is your impact on the lives of men?


Prayer: Lord! Make me a blessing to my world in Jesus name. Amen!


Emphasis: Your existence will only be impactful when you transform all your experiences to be a blessing to your world!


Have a Blessed Tuesday!

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