The Light Daily Devotional – Following Divine Order

The Light Daily Devotional –  Following Divine Order

Focus: Following Divine Order



Life is not meant to be complicated if you follow divine order. The complications in the lives of men are a product of various schemes that emanate from their sinful desires!


Scriptural Reference

“Truly, this only I have found: That God made man upright, But they have sought out many schemes.” Ecclesiastes 7:29 NKJV


The problem of man begins the day he chooses not to follow divine order. Each time a man decides in his heart not to follow the instructions of the Lord presented to him at a point in time; he tends towards having complications in his destiny. The original plan of God for man was that he should be upright and live a life free from complications by submitting to God through discipleship.


The issues in the life of King Solomon, who began his reign in a promising fashion, started when he began to seek several schemes contrary to God’s scheme for his life and had no one to guide him in discipleship. As you proceed in destiny, be mindful of the fact that your life will only be free from various life’s complications in marriage, relationship, career, ministry, job, business, academics etc if and only if you follow divine order by submitting yourself to follow God’s principles in discipleship. There is no alternative to obeying God’s principles if you must fulfil God’s purpose in every facet of life!!!


+ Do you submit yourself to divine order? 


Prayer: Lord! I receive the grace to follow divine order in Jesus name. Amen!


Emphasis: Life becomes complicated when divine orders are not followed!


Have a Graceful Thursday!

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