The Light Daily Devotional – Divine Acceptance

The Light Daily Devotional –   Divine Acceptance

Focus: Divine Acceptance



Getting results is not evidence of divine acceptance. Whatever you achieve disobeying God is not acceptable to Him and it is a waste to the kingdom’s investment!


Scriptural Reference

“To obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed is better than the fat of rams.” 1Samuel 15:22b NIV.


We are in a world which is result-oriented. When you claim to be doing something people expect you to have what to show for doing it. Even though it is good we get a good result from whatever we do, the fact remains that our fulfilment is subject to divine approval and acceptance of it.


The Israelites saw that Moses brought water from the rock but God was not pleased with Him (Num. 20:8-11). God most of the time will not but honour His name on the account of what He wants to do in the lives of His people but he will never spare men who deceitfully disobey Him while serving His people. 


Do not be carried away by the physical evidence of blessing around you and men’s applause; many will preach, perform miracles, cast out demons and will still be rejected by God (Matthew 6:22-23). Obedience to God comes first in whatever you do for Him. 


+ Are you working and walking in obedience to God? 


Prayer: Lord! I receive the grace to work and work in obedience to your instruction in Jesus name. Amen!


Emphasis: You are doing nothing as far as God’s work is concerned until divine approval and acceptance are achieved!


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