15 Prayer Points from the Book of Samuel

Prayer Points from the Book of Samuel

The book of Samuel is the ninth book of the Holy Bible; it is divided into two, 1 Samuel and 2 Samuel. These prayer points are curled from 1 Samuel. The book began with the story of Hannah who prayed to God for a child. God gave her a son (Samuel) and she dedicated him to God, just as she has promised. The history of Israel’s kings began in this book, with Saul the first anointed king of Israel. The book exhibits the rise of David and the fall of Saul.

#1. Oh Lord, look upon my sorrow and answer my prayer – 1Samuel 1:11

#2. Father, make me strong and answer my prayers for the sake of my enemies – 1Samuel 2:1

#3. Father, help me not to sin against you – 1Samuel 2:25

#4. Oh Lord, let me find favor in your sight and in the sight of men – 1Samuel 2:26

#5. Father, give me the grace to honor you – 1Samuel 2:30

#6. Oh Lord, give me the grace to identify your voice, so that I won’t take the wrong step in life – 1Samuel 3:4-5

#7. Father, don’t take your glory from our Nation – 1Samuel 4:22

#8. Oh Lord, send me help this year – 1Samuel 7:12

#9. Oh Lord, order my steps to my place of greatness – 1Samuel 9

#10. Father, by your mercy, help me to continuously obey you – 1Samuel 13:13, 15:22

#11. Oh Lord, by your mercy, do not reject me – 1Samuel 16:7

#12. Oh Lord, do not take away your spirit from me – 1Samuel 16:14

#13. Oh Lord, strike down every Goliath in my life – 1Samuel 17:48-50

#14. Father, give me a true friend – 1Samuel 18:3

#15. Oh Lord, give my enemies a problem that would distract them from pursuing me – 1Samuel 23:27-28


Remember to always pray with faith; may the God grant your request. Amen.



Oluwafemi Olaonipekun

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