The Light Daily Devotional – When the Wicked Flourish

The Light Daily Devotional – When the Wicked Flourish

Focus: When the Wicked Flourish


A man is wicked not by his physical actions, but by the nature of his heart, which refuses to submit to God’s will. Every time the wicked flourish, they are being prepared for total destruction!

Scriptural Reference

“That though the wicked spring up like grass and all evildoers flourish, they are doomed to be destroyed forever.” Psalms 92:7 AMP

The nature of man’s heart defines his true nature. As a result, the true wickedness in life comes from men’s hearts. Man becomes wicked every time he fails to do God’s will.

Looking around today, we cannot help but notice some evil men who have no regard for God’s word or pay close attention to His will yet appear to flourish in various aspects of life.

The Lord did not order the immediate removal of the tares among the wheat in the parable of the wheat and tares but rather allowed it to compete for the available resources. The tares may appear beautiful, but the fact remains that they are doomed to destruction.

Are you enjoying life at the expense of others? Are you living contrary to the will of God? Are you an agent of darkness? These acts are regarded as wickedness before God! Don’t be tempted to judge your life using physical achievement as a benchmark to measure how successful you are. Every element of wickedness in you presents you with destruction!

+ Is your life free from wickedness? 

Lord! Deliver me from every act of wickedness in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Emphasis: When the wicked flourish they are being prepared for their destruction!

Have an Outstanding Tuesday!

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