The Light Daily Devotional – The way of the Wise

The Light Daily Devotional – The way of the Wise

Focus: The way of the Wise


Life has proven the fact that what the enemies don’t know is what they can’t destroy. Keep your plans away from your enemies and people that are not part of its implementation; when your testimony is not mature do not share it!

Scriptural Reference

“But when it was time to leave, they went home another way, because God had warned them in a dream not to return to Herod.” (Matthew 2:12 NLT)

When King Herod did not know of Christ’s birth, he was not boarded and never sought to kill Him. But as soon as he knew, he made plans to kill Him at all cost. One of those ways you can assist your enemies in their evil enterprise is a simple revelation of what God is doing or about to do in your life.

The Lord outsmarts King Herod by leading the wise men to take another path. Several battles of life can be avoided if there will be proper management of some critical revelation about your life. King Saul did not discuss the matter of becoming King with His uncle (1Sam10:15-16) but gave only the information he needed. 

The enemy remains very weak when there is no revelation. They couldn’t do anything to Samson until he revealed the source of his strength to them. Don’t be careless about critical information about your life; grow in obscurity and allow God to bring you to the limelight on His own and at His time.

+ Do you walk in wisdom? 

Prayer: Lord! I receive the grace to walk in wisdom in Jesus name. Amen!

Emphasis: What the enemies did not know, they can’t destroy!

Have a Gracious Thursday!

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