The Light Daily Devotional – The Things You Feared Most

The Light Daily Devotional – The Things You Feared Most

Focus: The Things You Feared Most

The word for today 

Your life test will always be tailored toward the things you feared most. Acknowledging God in every situation, irrespective of how terrible it has proven to be; is the first and foremost approach to passing the test!

Scriptural Reference

For the thing, I greatly feared has come upon me, And what I dreaded has happened to me.” (Job 3:25 ESV)

The Lord is not ignorant of your strength. Each time He wants to promote you; He performs a character test in the areas of the things you feared most. Job tried all he could to please God to put the evil one away from his destiny yet, God allowed evil to befall him. However, he passed the test. 

We cannot know your real character when things are just falling into their rightful place. In such situations, no man will hesitate to sing joyfully unto the Lord. Always expect your test in the various challenging situations of life. 

We have seen people who eat good food and live in a very clean environment but yet fall sick. Some men work hard and give themselves to doing many things yet live in penury. Some take life easy and enjoy every bit of their time but yet never find satisfaction in their lives. When an unexpected situation happens, brace up to do God’s will at all costs. 

+ What are your fears? 

Prayer: Lord! Deliver me from all my fears, don’t let me fail under pressure in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Emphasis: What you feared most will turn out to be your trials on the pathway of destiny!

Have a Victorious Week Ahead!

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