The Light Daily Devotional – The Sons of Eli

The Light Daily Devotional – The Sons of Eli

Focus: The Sons of Eli

The word for today

The disgraceful act of dishonoring God in the sacred space designated for His worship sets a path toward destruction, much like the fate of Eli’s sons. God’s call upon your life is to embrace a profound indebtedness as His chosen ones—members of a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people exclusively His. 

Scriptural Reference

“Eli’s sons were wicked men; they had no regard for the LORD.” 1Samuel 2:12 NIV

What is happening in the fold of God today is not new; rather, it represents a progression from what unfolded in the past. The Scripture, divinely inspired, holds value for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and guiding in righteousness. The lifestyle exhibited by the sons of Eli epitomizes a generation of individuals who dishonour God in their sacred places of dedication. Such echoes of dishonour persist even in our times, resembling those entrusted by the Lord with the souls He redeemed through His own blood.

To dishonor God is to possess knowledge of His word yet deliberately disregard it in favour of personal desires. The sons of Eli indulged themselves in the offerings meant for God, seizing the honour intended for Him and diverting people’s attention toward themselves rather than God. Their teaching merely served self-interest, cloaked in a facade of meeting others’ needs while driven by a thirst for wealth. Some even advocate neglecting family obligations to sow seeds into their ministry. Their focus isn’t on nurturing the spiritual growth of those under their care but on personal gains, fame, and material possessions.

They disdain ministering to smaller congregations and those of humble status. Similar to the sons of Eli, their actions remain transparent before the Lord. Persisting in defiling their consecration with sin, greed, and selfishness, their impending end and ruin are evident. Exploiting souls for personal gain, especially those for whom Christ died, cannot go unpunished. It is wiser to distance oneself from God’s work than to become a disgrace in His presence.

Who do you choose to be in God’s presence?

Prayer: Lord, purge your fold of every resemblance to the sons of Eli in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Emphasis: When a man becomes dishonorable enough to disrespect God in the place of his consecration, he will meet a fate similar to that of the sons of Eli.

Have a Superb Wednesday!

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