The Light Daily Devotional – The Cluelessness of Men

Focus: The Cluelessness of Men



There is no man created by God that is not clueless. Deliverance from cluelessness begins with the revelation of God’s word!


Scriptural Reference

“For we were born yesterday, and know nothing Because our days on earth are a shadow.” Job 8:9 NKJV


No matter how far a man has gone in life and the level of experience in various issues of life, the fact remains that if he should look back every event will look as if it happened yesterday. The most experienced of men cannot accurately predict what will happen in the next moment. Some people who died today had plans for the days to come; death was not part of their plans because they had no clue of it.


It is possible for a man to feel that he is wise or smart in various aspects of life; it is so just because the situation that will make him clueless has not come. There is something you need to do to be saved, to experience turning around and having a breakthrough. It will only come from God alone. 


Be mindful of the fact that we are not created to be isolated from God who created us and defined our destiny. Always seek God and allow His word to lead you through the journey of destiny.


+ What do you think you know?


Prayer: Lord! I am clueless, help me and lead me through the journey of destiny by your word in Jesus name. Amen


Emphasis: You will only see more of God and have the life He wants to give you if you keep living with the orientation that you know nothing and you are nothing without Him!


Have an Impressive Tuesday!

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