The Light Daily Devotional – Seek the Counsel of the Lord

The Light Daily Devotional – Seek the Counsel of the Lord

Focus: Seek the Counsel of the Lord

The word for today

In the pursuit of life’s crucial decisions,

Seeking the counsel of the Lord is an indispensable aspect that deserves profound attention. The one who rules all affairs of men has a say in every step you take, which can determine life or death!

Scriptural Reference

“But Jehoshaphat also said to the king of Israel, “First seek the counsel of the LORD.” 1 Kings 22:5 NIV

One of the most intelligent choices in any aspect of your life is to seek God’s guidance continually. This is the core of unmatched wisdom: a timeless warning to seek the help of the Almighty at all times, a compass that leads us safely through life’s rough seas. While moving forward in life, remember that it’s full of uncertainties. The assurance that you’re on the right path comes from following God’s guidance. Jehoshaphat recognized the need to seek God’s advice to gain insight into the upcoming battle.

Hence, don’t venture through the journey of life or its various challenges without seeking God’s guidance. There’s something God wants to convey about your marriage, studies, ministry, business, career, home, and commitments. He has a specific life in mind for you to fulfill your purpose and calling.

Is your life receptive to divine counsel?

Prayer: Lord! May I be receptive to divine counsel and wisdom, guiding my steps through life’s challenges and uncertainties, aligning my soul with its purpose and melody in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Emphasis: Embrace the divine counsel as a beacon guiding through life’s turbulent tides. In seeking His wisdom, discover the guidance for your actions, the harmony for your soul, and the roadmap to fulfilling your life’s divine purpose.

Have a Fulfilling Thursday!

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