The Light Daily Devotional – Let God be involved

The Light Daily Devotional – Let God be involved

Focus: Let God be involved

The word for today 

You cannot enjoy the gift of life if God is not part of it. Excellence begins when God is involved in the affairs of your life!

Scriptural Reference

“The blessing of the Lord – it makes [truly] rich, and He adds no sorrow with it [neither does toiling increase it].” Proverb 10:22 AMP

Life is a precious gift, a treasure to be cherished and appreciated. But without the presence of God, life can become just a mere existence, a monotonous routine of work and rest, without any meaning or purpose. However, when we allow God to become an integral part of our lives, the colours of life come to life, and every moment becomes an opportunity to experience joy, peace, and love.

It is not possible to enjoy the gift of life to the fullest if God is not present in it. He is the source of life, the giver of all good things, and the sustainer of our souls. When we invite Him into our lives, He brings light to the darkness, hopes to the hopeless, and joy to the sorrowful. He heals our wounds, lifts our burdens, and comforts our hearts.

So, embrace the gift of life, with all its challenges and opportunities, and allow God to be the centerpiece of it all. Trust in His love and His plan for your life, and watch as He transforms you from the inside out, giving you a purpose, direction, and hope for a bright future. With God by your side, you can truly enjoy the gift of life, now and forever.

Is God involved in your affairs?

Prayer: Lord! Help to be righteous in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Emphasis: The blessing of life will not be enjoyable if God is not involved!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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