The Light Daily Devotional – Jesus is Always the Same

The Light Daily Devotional –  Jesus is Always the Same

Focus: Jesus is Always the Same



The Lord is not ignorant of what has happened to you, what is happening to you and what will happen to you. The God of yesterday is the God of today and that of the future!


Scriptural Reference

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrew 13:8 NKJV


The life of a man is characterized by his past, present and future. Irrespective of what your lot might have appeared to be in the journey of destiny, you must be mindful of the fact that you did not come to this point in your life without the help of God and that you cannot go forth without Him. He is the God of yesterday, today and the future.


As you proceed in destiny, don’t forget that God who assisted you and provided the required grace to scale through various hurdles of life is still very much the God you need to lead through the journey of destiny. Even when it appears as if the future ahead of you looks so unpromising don’t forget the fact that God holds tomorrow. Do not worry about anything but believe in God who holds the future for everything!


+ Do you believe in God for your future?


Prayer: Lord! Do much more than that you have always done in my life; do for me what no man can do in Jesus name. Amen


Emphasis: Your experience can change but Jesus is always the same!


Have a Wonderful Friday!

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