The Light Daily Devotional – In Your Generation

The Light Daily Devotional –  In Your Generation

Focus: In Your Generation



There is a purpose you must fulfil in your own time. The manner of your obedience to your calling and the fulfilment of your mandate defines your success or failure under God in the land of the living!


Scriptural Reference

“One generation passes away, and another generation comes; But the earth abides forever.” Ecclesiastes 1:4 NKJV


Life is given to worship God and fulfil His purpose. The fact that your generation will pass calls for the need to fulfil your mandate in your time. What you did in your time will be spoken of when you are forgotten. You must come to a point of resolution to meet up to God’s expectation in the area of your placement in your time. 


It was said of Amaziah that he served God but not with a perfect heart in his time (2 Chronicles 25:1-3 ). In the days of David, Daniel, Esther and Deborah, they served the Lord and made a remarkable mark in the fulfilment of their mandate in their time. This is your time; you must make yourself available for God’s use and fulfil His purpose.


+ What will be said of you when you are forgotten? 


Prayer: Lord! Do with my life that which you want to do before my time is accomplished in Jesus name. Amen!


Emphasis: Only the truth that in life you have spoken, only the seed that on earth you’ve sown; will pass onward when you are forgotten. Be a blessing to people in your generation!


Have an Outstanding Week Ahead!

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