The Light Daily Devotional – Implication of Evil Deeds

The Light Daily Devotional – Implication of Evil Deeds

Focus: Implication of Evil Deeds



An evil deed is enough to overshadow several good deeds a man does in his lifetime. It is very easy to remember the evil a man does than his numerous good deeds!


Scriptural Reference

“For David had done what was pleasing in the LORD’s sight and had obeyed the LORD’s commands throughout his life, except in the affair concerning Uriah the Hittite.”  1 Kings 15:5 NLT


In everything you do, be mindful of the fact that history does not forgive. Whatever a man does at every point in time goes into memory lane. A single evil deed of a man is capable of denting the good record. I have come to know by experience that people easily identify and take note of their shortcomings when observing something.


In the evaluation of the life of David, a man after God’s heart, the issues of Uriah the Hittite whom he killed will not always come up. Sin breeds bad history; which does not forgive. Sin is a reproach that mars the destiny of a man. Be careful not to destroy the work of God through you and the good legacy you’ve instituted over the years by yielding yourself to sinful nature. A man does to himself a great evil each time he yields himself to the works of the flesh.


+ How do you live your life? 


Prayer: Lord! I receive the grace to live in the spirit; my destiny will not fail in Jesus name. Amen!



The way you live at every point in time is a build-up to your legacy in life!

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