The Light Daily Devotional – Do not Abuse Your Power

The Light Daily Devotional – Do not Abuse Your Power

Focus: Do not Abuse Your Power



The fact that God gave you power does not change the fact that all power belongs to God. Whenever a man abuses the power given to him, he has forgotten or chosen not to acknowledge the fact that all power belongs to God.


Scriptural Reference: “God has spoken once, Twice I have heard this: That power belongs to God.”(Psalm 62:11NKJV)


There is no man the Lord did not give a measure of power and authority in every domain of life. The first and foremost power given to you is the power of your will. Each time you decide to act contrary to God’s will for your life, you have succeeded in abusing the power of your will.


Also, the Lord in His mercy places men in the position of authority so as to establish His counsel in every domain of life. Whenever you discover that you have power to exercise authority over people be mindful of the fact that you are under a great test of character and humility.


At a point our Lord Jesus had the power to send legions of angels against those who came to arrest Him but He did not do so. This, we must learn in every domain of our placement. We all know what Elijah did! What is the gain of a man who uses his power against the less privileged? The power you have is meant to strengthen the weak, heal the sick, bound up the injured, bring back the strayed, seek for the lost and rule with love. Anything short of these is an abuse of power.


Question For Meditation: Do you live your life acknowledging the fact that power belongs to God?


Prayer Point:

Lord! As I increase, help me never to forget that all power belongs to you in Jesus name. Amen!


Main Emphasis:

A man will abuse the power given to him until he acknowledges that power belongs to God!

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