The Light Daily Devotional – Detesting all Manner of Food

The Light Daily Devotional – Detesting all Manner of Food

Focus: Detesting all Manner of Food

The word for today

The first and foremost best medication required for a man to stay alive and healthy is good food. Whatever makes you abhor food takes you to the gate of death!

Scriptural Reference

“Their soul abhorred all manner of food, And they drew near to the gates of death.” Psalm 107:18 NKJV

An indication that a man is advancing towards the gate of death will be seen when his soul abhors all manner of food. To go forth in life and fulfill your mandate in destiny you must avail yourself to eat appropriately. The recommendation of God to Elijah to go on with the assignment given to him is to eat.

Men will fall sick and when this happens, the first medication is food, which is to be followed by whatever is required to be taken to restore good health. Don’t allow your ailment to hinder you from eating. Every effort made to prevent you from eating is an effort made towards the gate of death. 

This is also applicable to your spiritual, marital, career, and academic life. You have to give these aspects of your life what it requires. The word of God is the best food for your soul. When you stop eating or feeding your soul with the required food in various aspects of life you sign up for death!

+ What type of food do you feed your soul?

Prayer: Lord! Help me to avail myself to feed my soul with good food to stay fit and healthy in Jesus’ name. Amen! 

Emphasis: It takes eating all manner of good food to stay healthy and fit for the fulfillment of your purpose in life!

Have a Graceful Tuesday!

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