The Light Daily Devotional – Building Intimacy with God

The Light Daily Devotional – Building Intimacy with God

Focus: Building Intimacy with God



Every man, no matter how wonderful, supportive, friendly, helpful they may appear to be to you, will surely leave you when the time comes. Develop yourself and build an intimate relationship with God; the only one who promised never to leave nor forsake you.


Scriptural Reference: “Then they all forsook Him and fled.” (Mark 14:50 NKJV).


Every man will not but come to the point of facing his destiny all alone. Every support or help you use to enjoy will not last forever. There is a limit your friend, parent, spouse, pastor can go with you in destiny. This is because every man has a race exclusively set before Him. Make best use of every opportunity you have when God brings men on your path in destiny to help you; enjoy while it lasts.


Jesus in His hour of darkness was left alone; his disciples could not even watch on his behalf prior to His arrest. And when He was arrested they left Him. Those He healed, raised from the death, taught the word of God, fed with 5 bread and 2 fishes; were nowhere to be found.


What happened to Jesus here is a prototype of what will also happen to you in destiny. Don’t be dejected on the account of people’s behaviour to you in any situation you find yourself; they did not at any point in time promise to be with you in all situations.


Question For Meditation: How intimate are you with God? How is your devotional life?


Prayer Point: Lord! I receive the grace to walk with you all along my pilgrim journey in Jesus name. Amen.


Main Emphasis: The only one who promised never to leave nor forsake you is God. As you invest in the lives of men, try as much as possible to invest more in your intimacy with God.


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