The Light Daily Devotional – Be humble By Yourself

The Light Daily Devotional – Be humble By Yourself

Focus: Be humble By Yourself



Be humble by yourself, don’t allow God to humble you. There is no man humbled by God that will not be humiliated!


Scriptural Reference

“Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time. (1Peter 5:6 NKJV)


Humility is the only sure path to greatness in life. When God in His infinite mercy began to crown you with glory and honour in various aspects of life, try as much as possible to ascribe it back to Him and remain humble. The nature of man is a type that always feels at the top of the world when grace is made available. 


Men are likely to forget who they used to be when the lift of God’s grace carries them. Hence, the best thing to do for the man at the top of the world is to lie low and remain humble, else such will fall with a great crash. Pharaoh was told about God but he said who is God; he failed to comply until he was humiliated. Goliath spoke proud words to define the armies of the Lord until he was humiliated.


Humiliation awaits all men who have not learnt how to humble themselves by themselves. Grace upon grace will be made available to all men who humble themselves.


+ Have learnt to humble yourself by yourself? 


Prayer: Lord! Help me to always remember that you are the reason for whatever I am and what I will be; help me to be humble always in Jesus name. Amen! 



You will save yourself from humiliation if you always humble yourself in all situations of life!


Have a Gracious Wednesday!

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