The Light Daily Devotional – At the Last Moment

The Light Daily Devotional – At the Last Moment

Focus: At the Last Moment 

The word for today

The man who will receive what God has promised is the one who will wait till the last moment. You have not believed in God until you waited on Him till the last moment!

Scriptural Reference

But he who endures to the end will be saved.” Matthew 24:13 AMP

Your salvation is guaranteed in God if you will wait upon Him. The fact that God is an expert in making things beautiful in His own time makes Him leave some things undone till the perfect time when His Glory will be best manifested.

Victory is always sweet when it comes at the last moment. And when it comes, it comes with an inspiration and glory that is attributed to God alone. 

When you find yourself in various situations of life that appear hopeless and without prospect, hold onto God and wait upon Him till His salvation comes. 

Every test, trial, or life challenge has an end. They are meant to come and to pass. You will only be saved if you endure to the end. Endurance is part of the qualities you must possess as a child of God. Your victory is placed at the end of every life situation; hence, hold on till the end.

Will wait upon the Lord till the last moment?

Prayer: Lord! Help me to wait and hold on to you till you manifest yourself in various aspects of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Emphasis: The major victory of your life is located at the end of every situation; wait till the last moment!

Have a Gracious Week ahead!

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