The Light Daily Devotional – A Product of Several Investments

The Light Daily Devotional – A Product of Several Investments

Focus: A Product of Several Investments



Irrespective of who you are the fact still remains that your life is a product of several investments. Several sacrifices were put in place in a buildup to what you are at present!


Scriptural Reference

“Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits-” Psalms 103:2 NIV.


You did not become what you are by your own strength or doing. The level of your achievements so far in life is the sum total of various efforts of men over your life.


At birth, God brought you into a family that accepted you, provided for your needs and helped you into taking the first step in life. Several teachers (formal and informal) have presented themselves to teach you some core values of life be it consciously or unconsciously, willingly or by compulsion as required for the service paid for.


Several men of God have prayed for you and taught you the way of the Lord. All these investments are put in place just to position your life to fulfill God’s purpose on earth. Therefore, your life is not just your life but the lives of men who invested sacrificially on your life. You can’t afford to be a wasted investment. You must live to appreciate God who made grace available for you by bringing men to support your life.


+ Does your life commensurate with God’s investment over you? Do you live to praise Him?


Prayer: Lord! Thank you for your mercy over my life; your investment over my life will not be a waste in Jesus name. Amen!


Emphasis: Your life is an investment; a product of sacrifices offered in love!


Have a Blessed Month Ahead!

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