The Light Daily Devotional – Take the Garment but not the Glory

Focus: Take the Garment but not the Glory


Your glory cannot be taken until you sacrifice it on the altar of sin. The glory of God may never manifest in the life of a man until he is ready to give up every other thing for it!

Scriptural Reference

“How then can I do this great evil and sin against God? . . . And she caught him by his garment, saying, Lie with me! But he left his garment in her hand and fled and got out [of the house]. (Genesis 39:9b,12 AMP)

Why would the wife of the Pharaoh’s protocol officer be interested in a common slave? Why would she stoop to that level? It’s not for anything other than the glory. Since the beginning of time, the consequences of sin have been far greater than the transient benefits. Joseph chose to let her have the garment rather than have his destiny cut short.

His brothers first removed the garment of many colours from him and replaced it with the garment of slavery. Potiphar’s wife removed his slave garment and replaced it with the prison garment required for his placement in Pharaoh’s palace.

God will always place men at various critical points in your life to remove various garments from you for you to move from glory to glory. It’s a shame that many people settle for fleeting blessings at the expense of God’s plan for their lives. They continue to wallow in sin to keep false blessings. Surrender whatever garment you are wearing that puts your life in danger of missing your place in God’s plan. 

+ What are you holding on to at the expense of the manifestation of God’s Glory in your life?

Prayer: Lord! I receive the grace to let go of anything that will hinder the manifestation of your Glory in my life in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Emphasis: You will only be clothed in the garment of glory if you let go of the garment of sin!

Have a Gracious Friday!

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