TEXT: Genesis 1:1-3


Before we go deep into the word, let’s talk to those who are yet to give there life to Christ.

Let there be light can mean, Lord please open my eyes – Mark 10:46-52, Ephesians 1:18. If God opens your eyes of understanding, the first thing you will probably understand is that life is war. That is why you don’t see a child coming to this world laughing – 1 Cor.15:26. There are enemies out there; the bible calls them hunters – 1 Peters 5:8, Proverbs 6:26. There are people that are smiling at you, you think they love but they want to destroy you – Micah 7:2. The reason that you are still alive today is because of the mercy of God – Lamentations 3:23.

If you feel you have a charm that can protect you, what about the person who have a charm that can canter your charm? You can’t fight darkness with darkness. Only light fight darkness that darkness doesn’t overcome. If you are yet to give your life to Christ do so now!


What does God mean what He says let there be light? It means let morning begin. When means let there be the first morning, He is saying let sorrow cease – Psalm 30:5. There are some people who have sorrow every month – 1 Samuel 1:20, Hannah was having sorrow every month.


Decree: All those who have been weeping every month you shall weep no more.

Decree: In the name that is above every other name, there will be no more tragedies in your homes.

Sorrow could come as a result of tragedies – Luke 7:11-16. Other things that cause sorrow is disappointment – Matthew 26:69-75. Sorrow is a very dangerous thing; it deems vision, it weakens, it is a killer, it can cause madness – Job 17:2, Luke 22:45-46

Decree: With all my heart I cry, you will never know sorrow again!

Let there be light could mean let there be a new beginning; a new dawn. A new beginning means let there be restoration – Mark 3:1-5. When a man has withered we can be talking about physically and financially. It takes the power of God to be restored – Ezekiel 37:1-10, 2 Kings 6:2.

Decree: In the name of the one who called me, any hand that has withered it shall be restored full.

Decree: Whatever it is that turned you from being relevant to be a relic, my father will turn it tonight.


Let there be light could mean, let there be a new creation. John 9:17, 2Kings 5:1-14. Let there be light could mean going back to my origin and puting things right – Genesis 18:3-5. There are sickness and diseases you don’t contract, you inherit. God can go to the foundation and put things right.


Let there be light has a deeper meaning, and that is, “Let the siege be over”. Almost invariably, a siege is laid at night – Judges 16:1-3, 2Kings 6:8-16, Mark 5:35-45

Decree: If there is any siege in your life, it will be over tonight.

Decree: If there is any siege against your family, that siege is over now.

Decree: Just like a bird will fly away, your reproach will fly away.


Let there be light could mean, don’t let my sun set yet, I don’t want to die yet, I have not finished my assignment – Joshua 10:1-12, 2Kings 20:1-11

The Lord ask me to tell someone here: The arrow that came into by night shall leave tonight.

My Daddy asks me to tell someone here: Everything standing between you and joy, I will break through them.

If your sun is not shining yet, pray that your sun will rise; cry to Him. If your sun is already shining pray that it will not set yet – Judges 16:18-31, Joshua 24:29


Prayer Points

  1. Thank God who has kept you alive to this day
  2. Father, please let there be light and keep sorrow far away from my family
  3. Father let there be light and give me full restoration
  4. Father let there be light, shining into the origin of my family
  5. Father let there be light and let every siege against my family be gone
  6. Father, don’t let my sun set yet
  7. Your individual prayer request, whatever you want God to do for you

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