Prayer Points for March

Prayer Points for March

The month of march is a month of answered prayers, pending prayers would be answered miraculously.

The good things He has started will be completed ( and new ones will be added. It’s a month of progress too; of course when Miracles happen, progress is being made. Also, we will pray for God’s protection and peace. 

Bible verse: But certainly God has heard me; He has attended to the voice of my prayer. –  Psalms 66:19 NKJV

 Prayer Points

  • Lord Jesus, we thank you for your promises of answered prayers, miracles and progress this month.
  • Lord, we take delivery of all your promises for us this month by your grace in Jesus Name.
  • Lord, we receive grace to walk in obedience to your word/instructions to us this month in Jesus name
  • In the name of Jesus, we rebuke all adversaries and we receive victories on all sides in Jesus name.
  • Lord, we will not lose our blessings to the devil in Jesus name.
  • Father, put and end to the war in Russia and Ukraine, let your peace reign in both Nations
  • Father, let your peace reign in every corners of the world
  • Father, myself and my family will not be victims of bad circumstances in Jesus name
  • Father, hide me and my family under your shadow
  • Father, satisfy me and my family with long life and sound health.


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