Sermon: Have you Received the Holy Spirit – by Gbile Akanni

Excerpt from the sermon – Have you Received the Holy Spirit by Gbile Akanni

The Church is gradually becoming an organisation rather than a living organism. Somebody is only dead when the spirit has departed. I hope you know you are only living because your spirit is here. If the spirit is no more here we will see your body but we won’t see you again. That is what happens if the spirit of God that gives the church the dynamic life is no more here. We will still have everything but we will not have the church that is active. When the church is no more imbued by the power of the holy spirit it becomes a dead formalism.
Gone are those days when people will just be praying and the spirit of God will move them to go and do things and you will know that this is a coordinated activity by the Holy Spirit.

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When the Church misses the power of the Holy Spirit which is the life it becomes a dead weight. There are too many people doing so many things because the Holy Spirit is not at work. If the church will stop the committee meetings and turn it to prayer meetings we will see result.

If you are not endued with the power from on-high you will be forced to look for power from around.

If you read the bible very well, whenever people got converted in the Acts of Apostles the next thing when they are they are baptized in water they will prayed for to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

The question we should be asking each other is, Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit since you believed? Acts 19 vs 2

The manifestation of the spirit is given to everyone. It’s not speaking in tongues that brought the Holy Ghost, it was because they were filled with the Holy Ghost that the began to speak in tongues. For some of us instead, of receiving the Holy Spirit, we are first of all focusing on receiving tongues; putting the cart before the horse. “And you shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you” Acts 1:8 The person of the Holy Ghost brings power, we receive a person and we receive it by faith. Holy Spirit is an active person; he is a person is not just a feeling.

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2 thoughts on “Sermon: Have you Received the Holy Spirit – by Gbile Akanni

  1. The question we should be asking each other is, Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit since you believed? Acts 19 vs 2
    Since I believe many years ago, I have never speak in tongue. I have attended many Holy Ghost baptism programs, many people would be impacted but I have never manifested.
    Couple of times, I spoke in tongues in dream when confronted with serious challenges or obstacles but I always woke up disappointed when I discovered that it was in dream.and not physical.
    Qustion: Do I have Holy Spirit, if I don’t speak in tongue?
    Question: If Rapture should come now, without speaking in tongue, can I be rapturable?
    Having form of Godliness but deny, the power thereof — Is this passage apply to me?
    This borders me a lot because I know I’m missing alot of things as regard fellowship in the spirit accordin ti Jude vs 20.

    I’m no more comfortable. I need divine guidance.

    1. Hi Femi, speaking in tongues is one of the many gifts of the Holy Spirit…read 1 Corinthians 12:1- end. However as a genuine believer the Holy Spirit is in us but
      we have the duty to stir it up…give yourself to prayer and meditation of the word of God. If there is any gift that you desire, which seems to be praying in tongues, ask from God.
      Jude 1:20 talks about praying in the spirit, which means praying according to the guidance and dictates of the Holy spirit so that we can pray aright
      because we don’t know how and what to pray but by the leading of the Spirit of God we utter the right words. Its not the same as
      praying in tongues; don’t mix the both. Praying in tongues is a gift.
      Also, not speaking in tongues won’t deny you heaven but disobedience and ungodliness will. Titus 2:11 -12
      So, let your mind be at peace…ask God to show you your place, your gift; I know you have one. But if you desire the gift of tongues, ask God for it.

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