Prayer Points for Special Deliverance

Deliverance Prayer:

  1. Lord, I thank you because you always hear me.
  2. Lord, I ask for your spirit to guide me into praying aright in Jesus name.
  3. Lord I decree and take hold of every hold of sin and iniquity in my life that serves as hindrance to my freedom.
  4. I receive grace to walk in total freedom of holiness and righteousness in Jesus name.
  5. Father, your word says that whosoever the son has set free is free indeed, I claim my freedom on all sides in Jesus name.
  6. I break loose from every bondage in Jesus name.
  7. I break forth on all sides, removing every negative barrier on my path in Jesus name.
  8. In Jesus name I am delivered from every evil within and around me totally.
  9. My mind is free from demonic oppression and my mentality is realigned to God’s purpose for me in Jesus name.
  10. I receive grace to stay free, delivered and remain in God’s presence at all times in Jesus name.


Give thanks to the Lord for answered prayers


By:  Teminijesu Ojediran

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