Prayer Points for Lovers, Intending Couples and Couples

Prayer Points for Lovers, Intending Couples and Couples

Bible Reference Genesis 24


#1. Father I thank you for your love, grace and mercy over me


#2. Thank you Lord for your word is certain that none shall lack its mate, none shall be barren and that whatever I set my heart to do according to your will becomes a success.


#3. Father I ask for deep revelation and understanding of your will concerning my marital life.


#4. Lord I ask for the grace to accept your will for me in whatever form it takes.


#5. I receive grace to let go of every fantasy and mentality that would deter my being successful in marriage.


#6. By the authority in your word through your son, Jesus I break every barrier or curses hindering and contending with this area of my fulfillment.


#7. I refuse to be confused in my choice & I receive divine connection to the right person.


#8. I receive godly character and attitude to retain the gift you have given me in my spouse.


#9. My in-laws are blessed in every area. I’m an addition to them; I’m loved and cherished by them all.


#10. I experience no delays whatsoever especially in bring forth. My dynasty is blessed and sealed in the complete works of the Holyghost. They are taught of the lord and great is their peace eternally.


By: Teminijesu Ojediran

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